Published Work

My photographs have been featured in a number of places online and in print.

Chicago Public Library

After Snowmageddon 2011, the Chicago Public Library added several of my photographs to their permanent collection.

Genna’s Lounge

A bar in Madison, WI, uses one of my photos on their home page.

Sporting Statues Project

Researchers in the UK compiled a database of sports figures statues around the world.

Time Magazine

Time featured a photo of my hometown coffee shop in an article about NCAA basketball brackets.

Alternatives Journal

From the site: Canadian environmentalism in the age of Trump.

Brownstoner (April 2013)

An article about the Downtown Brooklyn farmer’s market.

Brownstoner (March 2013)

An article about the Brooklyn Flea in One Hanson Place.


One of my photos anchors an article about the top Beastie Boys videos.


Someone vandalized the statue of Harry Caray that stands outside Wrigley Field.

The local Madison, Wisc., newspaper links to a collection of my work about the Madison Public Library.


Local governments lead the way in urban gardening.

ABC Radio (Australia)

This image accompanies an audio clip about literary fiction.